Gerald Veasley  
Gerald Veasley

"My Aguilar rig does exactly what bass amplification should do, reproduce MY sound. When I talk to fellow Aguilar players, I find we have one thing in common, playing our Aguilar amps with the EQ set flat. My DB750 sounds warm, clear and full without a lot of 'knob twisting'. In situations where I need to utilize the EQ section, it's simple and musical. My 4x10" cabinets faithfully reproduce the full range of my six string bass: deep lows, tight low mids, sweet high mids, and crisp highs. This is how bass amplification should be!"

Gear: DB 750, AG 500, GS 410, GS 212, OBP-3 Preamp - Ibanez Gerald Veasley Signature Bass
Credits: Jazz Artist, Jaco Pastorius Big Band, Joe Zawinul

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