Oscar Stagnaro  
Oscar Stagnaro

Oscar Stagnaro is a multi-faceted musician, author, composer, arranger and clinician. He has appeared on albums by Wayne Shorter, Paquito D’Rivera, Caribbean Jazz Project WDR Big Band (to name a very few). He is a Full time Professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and also the Academic Director for Berklee Latino. In addition to his Berklee curriculum, Oscar is the Artistic Director for ALAEMUS (Latin American Schools Assoc.) and CLAEM (Latin American Music Schools Congress). He conducts sold-out clinics all over the world and has authored the immensely popular "Latin Bass Book".

Through it all, the six-time Grammy winner can be found playing through his Tone Hammer 500, two SL 112 cabinets and the full line of Aguilar pedals: Tone Hammer, Octamizer, TLC Compressor, AGRO, and Filter Twin

Oscar Stagnaro "Frevo" - Live at the Aguilar Artist Loft


Oscar Stagnaro Latin bass Clinic at the Aguilar Artist loft

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