Simon Olsen  
Simon Olsen

"The first time I came across Aguilar equipment, it was at a rehearsal studio. Aguilar GS 410 cabs and DB 750 amps were fitted to each room. I set the EQ flat and was blown away with the sound! Full mid range, warm lows and great definition!

Now I use the AG 500 and a couple of SL 112's locally, and for touring i use the DB 751 and either a DB 810 or a pair of GS 410 cabs.

I also find the Tone Hammer Preamp/D.I. pedal great for recording.

Aguilar tone is tough and suits a wide variety of genres, which is perfect for my needs!"

Gear: DB 751, AG 500, two SL 112's, DB 810, GS 410's, Tone Hammer
Credits: Electric Empire

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