DB Series The DB cabinets have the aggressive midrange to punch through a loud band while maintaining the full-range, musical sound that is the Aguilar signature. Employing 13 ply Baltic Birch, Custom Eminence drivers, and Aguilar's custom horn and crossover the DB cabinets have a clear, focused midrange and extended lows and highs. These cabinets are the first Aguilar cabinets to feature a classic rock look with distinctive color combinations.

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SL Series The first lightweight cabinets with no compromise in tone.  Representing an entirely new path to the world-class "Aguilar Sound", these cabinets feature neodymnium drivers and custom crossovers.  The SL series cabinets are an inspiring blend of modern technology with a classic vibe.
SL Series The GS Series cabinets are the original Aguilar sound: deep low end with clear highs.  These cabinets feature cast-frame drivers, phenolic tweeters with an integral phase plug and variable tweeter level control.
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