FILTER TWIN™ - Sound Clips And Sample Settings

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul has been a member of Jamiroquai since 2005 and they are currently preparing to release their new album “Rock Dust Light Star”. Some of Paul’s other credits include Annie Lennox, Lamont Dozier and Jeff Lorber.

Paul used his ‘66 Jazz Bass on Hooked and Deeper and his ‘63 P Bass on Runaway.

"Envelope filters are my favourite effect with bass and the Filter Twin not only has body in it's tone it has great control over the "speech" of the note too. I LOVE the up filter on the FT, but really dig it's unique ability to blend that with the down for some totally individual sounds. This is a very funky box!" - Paul Turner

Damien Erskine

"Aguilar has opened up a new dimension of sound (especially with regard to versatility) with the Filter Twin. I love this thing!" - Damian Erskine

Damian Erskine

Damian has recorded and played with numerous artists such as Peter Erskine New Trio, Gino Vannelli, and the Damian Erskine Project

Clips recorded direct with the Skjold Erskine model 6-string bass

Dave Boonshoft

Dave Boonshoft

Dave has had a long career as a professional bass player. His latest recording is the album “Noesis” by Blue Six.

Dave recorded these samples through a DB 680 direct into Pro tools

"All the funk I want, with an almost vocal quality to the sound. Very responsive and musical. But what can I say, I own the company! Play through a Filter Twin and see what it does for you." - Dave Boonshoft, President - Aguilar Amplification


Umbo used his Sandberg California UMBO Siganture Bass with Aguilar AG 4J-60 pickups and Elixir cables.
He recorded direct into Logic.

Umbo is currently touring with Paul Young. He has recorded and/or performed with: ABC, Nik Kershaw, Cathy Battistessa, Gregor Meyle, Bobby Kimball and Chris Thompson.


"Well how to put in a few words how massive these pedals changed my life and sound? I can finally get down to some serious octaves with slides and pulls - even vibrato! I finally get a creamy overdive without loosing my presence and I got a funky twin brother filtering my inspiration through groove and time. God I love these pedals!" - UMBO

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