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The AG 500 is Aguilar’s most versatile head, featuring two foot-switchable preamp channels and a fully adjustable Saturation circuit. Channel one’s 4-band active EQ provides full, clear tones while Channel Two’s 3-band shelving EQ and Saturation circuit give the bassist everything from tube-like grit to full on dirt. Backed by 500 watts and weighing only 18 lbs, the AG 500 is one of the most powerful portable bass amps made.

Power output: 500 watts @ 4 ohms, 250 watts @ 8 ohms

Inputs: One ¼" Input jack with Active/Passive switch

Channel One:
Bright: +5dB >4kHz shelving
Treble: +/- 13dB @ 4kHz shelving
High Mid: +/- 14dB @ 800Hz peaking
Low Mid: +/- 14dB @ 400Hz peaking
Bass: +/- 18dB @ 40Hz shelving
Deep: +6dB <100Hz shelving

Channel Two:
Contour: broad range mid scoop @ 1kHz (ccw=max scoop (~20dB) cw=flat)
Treble: + 6dB/- 10dB @ 4kHz shelving
Mid: + 4dB/- 10dB @ 600Hz peaking
Bass: + 8dB/- 6dB @ 40Hz shelving
Deep: +6dB <100Hz shelving
Presence: + 6dB/-20dB >4kHz shelving

FX Loop: Series/Parallel; Send pot is Push/Pull for Line or Instrument level; Return pot is Push/Pull for Parallel or Series operation.

Outputs: Two Neutrik Speakon and two ¼" speaker outputs, XLR balanced D.I. out with Pre and Post EQ switch, Tuner output.

Footswitch: Channel Select and Mute with LED

Size: 2 rack spaces, 17" W X 3.5" H X 10" D

Weight: 18 lbs.

Warranty: Three year limited

Includes: Rack Ears and Footswitch

Optional: Carry Bag, Head Cases in DB Colors

Available in Black or Boss Brown

  • Jeph Howard

    "That Aguilar overdrive kicks ass (laughs)! I pretty much use it for the entire set on stage. I love that grind-y sound and it’s got enough bass to it - it’s the best overdrive I’ve ever used!"

    Jeph Howard - The Used

  • Stu Brooks

    "I can’t work without it! The distortion in that amp is the best for my sound."

    Stu Brooks - Dub Trio

  • Steve Jenkins

    "One of the things that I love about the AG 500 is the distortion setting - once I experimented with it, I was hooked! Aside from that, it’s pretty simple and easy to use; I don’t find it hard to dial in my sound at all. I get really great results with minimal tweaking with whatever bass I’m using."

    Steve Jenkins - Studio Musician