The Aguilar AG 4J-60 pickups are designed to have both clarity and warmth and will reproduce all of the dynamics and nuances in your playing.

This pickup set is modeled after a mid 60’s single-coil Jazz Bass® pickup. The AG 4J-60 uses all the period correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. Aguilar developed a proprietary winding pattern to give these pickups great string-to-string consistency while sounding full and articulate. The pickups complement any bass and are a great match with Aguilar’s OBP on-board preamps.

Available as a calibrated neck and bridge pickup set (also available separately) for four string basses. Both, the AG 4J-60 single pickups and sets are direct replacements for Jazz Bass® style basses.

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Wire: Heavy Formvar, 42 gauge

Magnets: Alnico V

Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

Available as:

AG 4J-60S: Set of neck and bridge pickups

AG 4J-60N: Neck pickup only (click here for dimensions)

AG 4J-60B: Bridge pickup only (click here for dimensions)

  • Garron DuPree

    "The AG 4J-60 are punchy and full. They really compliment the rest of my rig, taking perfect advantage of the power and punch that the GS412 and DB751 already have. I'm pumped!"

    Garron DuPree - Eisley

  • Bryant Siono

    "I’m totally blown away by my Aguilar 60's and 70's J pickups. True Vintage sound. Huge growl with a massive punch. Can't rave enough about these pickups."

    Bryant Siono - Jennifer Lopez

  • Paul Sips

    "It’s easy: if you’re looking for replacement pickups for your old or new Jazz bass the Aguilars are the ones you should try."

    Paul Sips - Paul’s Bass Matters

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