Modeled after a mid 60’s Jazz Bass® pickup, the AG 5J-60 pickups bring the dynamic and sought-after tone of a 1963 Fender® Jazz bass to today’s five string basses. The AG 5J-60 uses all the period correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets.

Aguilar developed a proprietary winding pattern to give these pickups great string-to-string consistency while sounding full and articulate. The pickups complement any bass and are a great match with Aguilar’s OBP on-board preamps.

The AG 5J-60 calibrated pickup set is a direct replacement in the Fender® Jazz V and many other 5 string basses. Single Neck and Bridge pickups are also available.

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Wire: Heavy Formvar, 42 gauge

Magnets: Alnico V

Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

Available as:

AG 5J-60S: Set of neck and bridge pickups

AG 5J-60N: Neck pickup only (click here for dimensions)

AG 5J-60B: Bridge pickup only (click here for dimensions)

  • Dave Boonshoft

    "Aguilar 60's and 70's Pickups capture the classic sounds of the Fender bass." they will accurately bring out the dynamics and resonances in your bass."

    Dave Boonshoft, President - Aguilar Amplification

  • Bryant Siono

    "I’m totally blown away by my Aguilar 60's and 70's J pickups. True Vintage sound. Huge growl with a massive punch. Can't rave enough about these pickups."

    Bryant Siono - Jennifer Lopez

  • Paul Sips

    "It’s easy: if you’re looking for replacement pickups for your old or new Jazz bass the Aguilars are the ones you should try."

    Paul Sips - Paul’s Bass Matters

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