The DCB® pickups use dual ceramic bar magnets that provide a dynamic and responsive attack that works for all playing styles. These pickups have well-developed overtones and singing sustain in the body and decay of the notes.

The uniform magnetic field of a bar magnet allows each note to have accurate dynamic response and more harmonic content; no information is lost as the string moves back and forth. Our proprietary design takes these benefits to a new level that will bring out the best qualities in any instrument.

The DCB® pickups sound great installed in a passive bass or in conjunction with an onboard preamp.

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Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire

Magnets: Dual Ceramic Magnet

Leads: Single conductor, Heat resistant Teflon® coated

Available Sizes:

D1 1.25" W X 3.95" L (32mm X 100mm)
       Replacement for Bartolini® BC

D2 1.25" W X 4.25" L (32mm X 108mm)
       Replacement for Bartolini® P2

D4 1.25" W X 4.65" L (32mm X 118mm)
       Replacement for Bartolini® P4


G3 1.5" W X 3.5" L (38mm X 89mm)
       Replacement for EMG® 35

G4 1.5" W X 4.0" L (38mm X 102mm)
       Replacement for EMG® 40

G5 1.5" W X 4.5" L (38mm X 114mm)
       Replacement for EMG® 45

  • Tony Grey

    "I'm starting to really understand my sound and dynamics, Aguilar pickups are giving me the freedom I've been searching for"

    Tony Grey - Solo Artist / Tony Grey Bass Academy

  • Janek Gwizdala

    "I put a pair of DCB pickups in my bass and heard the true range of the instrument for the first time after owning it for years. The journey has now truly begun"

    Janek Gwizdala - Mike Stern

  • Felix Pastorius

    "The best way to describe it I think is that my bass for the first time sounds ALIVE."

    Felix Pastorius - Yellowjackets

DCB® pickups and OBP-3 preamp demo video with Jimmy Haslip