AG 4M 5M

The AG 4 and 5M pickups recreate the classic Stingray® tone while adding all of the characteristics that Aguilar pickups are known for – excellent string-to-string balance, consistency of tone and rich harmonic content. The AG 4M pickup is wired in parallel to give players crisp treble, articulate midrange and thunderous lows. Paired with an onboard preamp, such as Aguilar’s OBP-1, 2 or 3, and bassists’ will have the ultimate in tonal flexibility.

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Wire: 42-gauge Formvar wire

Magnets: Alnico V magnets

Leads: Single conductor, heat resistant Teflon® coated

Available as:

AG 4M: (click here for dimensions)

AG 5M: (click here for dimensions)

The AG 5M is for basses using 18 to 19mm string spacing. Music man® style basses from Lakland and many others use this spacing.

Please refer to the AG 5M dimensions above for pickup size specifications. The AG 5M Will not retro fit into Ernie Ball Music man® five string basses.

Roscoe Guitars

"Love this thing, all the grit and grind of a classic Sting Ray pickup, but more even string-to-string response and tighter lows."

Gard Lewis - Roscoe Guitars

AG 4M and 5M Demo Video

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