TLC Compressor™ Sound Clips and Sample Settings

Matt Novesky of Blue October

Matt recorded these samples with his Fender 57 Reissue Precision, direct into an API 312 preamp into Protools

Matt Novesky - TLC Compressor

"Now that I have the TLC, I honestly dont think I can ever live without it. Love at first listen!" - Matt Noveskey - Blue October

Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti

"I absolutely love what the TLC does with bass... Fundamentally transparent with just a touch of color, it comes really close to emulating the 'vintage' tonal qualities of studio compressors I've played through costing 10 times more. It has earned a permanent place in my signal chain, both in the studio and on stage." - Adam Nitti

Adam recorded these samples with his Curbow Retro II prototype 5 string (Slap Bass) and his Customized Yamaha TRB-PII 5 string tuned E to C. (Solo Bass).

Adam has played Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, The Dave Weckl Band, Susan Tedeschi, Phil Keaggy, Stephen Curtis Chapman.

Eric Smith

Eric recorded these samples with his Lakland 55-94.

Eric has played with Rihanna, Fantasia and many others.

Eric Smith - TLC Compressor

"The TLC sounds better than most rack compressors. You will never hear my bass again without it. Thanks Aguilar!" - Eric Smith

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