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Chorusaurus Bass Chorus Pedal

Chorusaurus Bass Chorus Pedal

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All-analog bucket-brigade bass chorus pedal.

Providing the warm, rich tone that Aguilar gear is famous for, the Chorusaurus uses analog bucket-brigade technology for lush, organic chorusing. The Chorusaurus gives bassists unparalleled control of their tone with an intuitive, four-knob layout. RATIO controls the ratio of dry and wet signals. The SPEED, INTENSITY, and WIDTH controls provide maximum tonal sculpting. Now you can dial in subtle swirling textures, extreme chorusing or anything in between! The Chorusaurus' output can be used for mono or stereo output. For stereo operation to two amplifiers, use a 1/4" Y cable with one 1/4" TRS to two 1/4" TS jacks.

*Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.

  • Analog Bucket-Brigade technology
  • Blend control allows you to dial in perfect amount of clean and chorus
  • Output jack is mono or stereo (Y cable needed for stereo operation)
  • Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.
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Chorusaurus- Bass Chorus

Using analog bucket brigade technology, the Chorusaurus delivers a wide range of lush, organic chorusing sounds; from subtle swirling textures, to extreme chorusing.

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Analog Bucket-Brigade technology

Inputs: One 1/4″ jack

Outputs: One 1/4″ jack – For Mono output use a standard 1/4” cable to your amplifier. For stereo operation to two amplifiers use a 1/4” Y cable with one 1/4” TRS to two 1/4” TS jacks.

Power: 9v power supply (not included)

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